TAP & TASTE Beer Foamer

Makes beer taste better

Give canned beer that "Fresh from the tap" taste!

TAP & TASTE Beer Foamer gives you the full draft beer experience - one can at a time! Ultrasonic vibrations create micro-bubbles in your brew, creating the perfect beer-to-foam ratio which is scientifically proven to make your beer taste better and you feeling less bloated.

Aerate your IPAs, lagers, ales, and ciders for the crisp, fresh taste that used to only come with tapping a full keg!

TAP & TASTE improves the flavor of everything from funky indie brews to the mega-beers. Once you experience TAP & TASTE, you’ll wonder how you ever drank canned beer before. It's perfect for tailgating, parties, camping, and anywhere you'd love to enjoy a canned beer with a straight from the brewery taste.

Experience beer at home like never before with TAP & TASTE!

The science behind beer foam:

  • Beer foam helps to retain carbonation and prevents bubbles from escaping, which gives beer a creamier, more enjoyable texture
  • By isolating and collecting the bitterness, the right beer-to-foam ratio makes the beer taste fuller and smoother 
  • Foam also magnifies the beer's smell! Considering that our sense of taste and smell are intertwined, by increasing the specific aroma of the beer you'll notice a drastic uptick in the beers taste


  • Convenient pour spout - Aerated beer flows gently into your glass
  • One-touch operation - Switch between liquid and foam with one push
  • Ultra-portable - Easily fits in your back pocket for tailgating
  • Easy snap-on installation - Compatible With both regular and tallboy cans
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries - 2 batteries last for hundreds of pours (Not included)