Paddle Boarding Speaker

Splash Paddle Tunes (Bluetooth Waterproof Floating Speaker)

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Splash Paddle Tunes by FRESHeTECH

Splash Paddle Tunes by FRESHeTECH is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that gives you the ability to jam out while in the shower!  But then we realized, WHY NOT TAKE IT EVERYWHERE ELSE TOO!

Splash Paddle Tunes is equipped with a suction cup that sticks to nearly any flat surface allowing it to always be within arm's reach.  Designed here in America by FRESHeTECH, Splash Paddle Tunes has become the leader in SUP speakers due to its simple design, ability to stick to anything, and great quality sound.

Use Splash Paddle Tunes while you wash your car, are out by the pool, in the shower, in extreme weather, or anywhere you’d be worried about getting a traditional speaker system wet.   

Splash Paddle Tunes was originally designed for the shower but works even better out in the world!  Stand up paddle boarding has become one of the fastest growing sports and who doesn't want to listen to music while paddle boarding on the water.  Splash Paddle Tunes also sticks great to any flat surface, so simply stick it to the top of any kayak to listen to music while kayaking.


  • Play music and any other audio right through the high powered built-in speaker
  • Connect almost any smartphone to the device via Bluetooth
  • Skip and Back buttons allow you to change songs when using music streaming services
  • Answer calls and have conversations through the Bluetooth microphone
  • Easy to stick suction cup
  • Floating and durable design makes Splash Paddle Tunes great for using outside of the shower

paddle boarding speaker

 Tech Specs

- Bluetooth 3.0

- 10 hours of battery life (400 MaH)

- 3 Watt Speaker

- IPX 5 Water-resistant design

- Micro-USB rechargeable in under 90 minutes

- Sticks to any smooth surface (like a stand up paddle board or kayak)



FRESHeTECH's original Bluetooth shower speaker, Splash Shower Tunes, has been featured on numerous TV shows and media outlets.  These names include: The Today Show with Kathie Lee and HodaPeople Stylewatch Magazine, Good Morning AmericaThe Wendy Williams Show, WABC Must Have's, Mashable, Men's Journal, Mental Floss and many more.


 What Is Splash Tunes Pro?

Splash Tunes Pro was designed to be an improvement on the original Splash Tunes Bluetooth speaker.  

Splash Tunes Pro:

- Bluetooth 4.0

- Waterproof and floats

- Durable

- 3x the battery size

- Higher quality sound and more bass

- Designed for the shower and also outside of the shower

- High-end gift packaging



Whether you want Splash Tunes Pro or Splash Paddle Tunes (the only paddle boarding speaker on the market), FRESHeTECH is the brand you want!  We make sure all of our speakers are the best quality and work hard to make every customer happy!  Come paddle board with us in sunny Orlando, FL sometime!