USB Rechargeable batteries


Single-use, disposable batteries will soon be a thing of the past! JUICE is the rechargeable batteries that can be used in place of any standard AAs or AAAs. Use them in all the places you keep burning through standard batteries: your computer mouse, toys, handheld video games, remote controls, anywhere that's eating batteries like there's no tomorrow

Be the most thoughtful gift-giver of all, and buy them to go with a kid's toy!

By adopting Lithium-ION technology, the same type of battery that's in your smartphone, each Juice can be recharged over 500 times with almost no loss of power! Not only does this save money, it also helps save the planet, by keeping over 500 single-use alkalines out of landfills.

Imagine never having to replace the batteries in your remote again! Juice will last longer than the life of the TV!

Juice is the first microUSB rechargeable battery and can be plugged into any USB port. Charge on-the-go from your laptop, or just attach it to a wall adapter. Each JUICE battery pack comes with a double USB charging cable.