Freeze Pipe Bong


You spoke and we listened, the best Glycerin-based bong is here!

  • Enlarged glycerin chamber for magnified cooling effect
  • Bigger coils for increased air flow
  • Large base provides more water filtration
  • No mess or hassle with ice cubes
Freeze Pipe Bong vs The Freeze Pipe Bong XL

Both are great pieces and provide monster rips without the chest or throat burn. The big difference is the Bong XL has two percolators (Inline perc and a sprinkler perc) for maximum water filtration. The Bong XL also has a 50% larger glycerin chamber. 

Hits Colder and Smoother Than The Competition

The secret is in the Glycerin chamber. We enlarged the coils for better air flow and made the glycerin chamber bigger for an even greater cooling effect. Rest assured the Freeze Pipe Bong provides legendary ice-cold and smooth hits.

Chilled Twice

When the smoke hits the cooler water in the Base, it's instantly chilled and 99% of Bongs stop there. But for Freeze Pipe Bong, the fun is just getting started. Next on the smoke's journey is a trip through a frozen glycerin filled chamber for maximum smoothness and refreshment.

Filtered Twice

Water is nature's best filtration system. It does an amazing job of removing potentially harmful particles and leaving just the THC to be consumed. Your smoke is first filtered through the water in the Base and then again through the coils in the glycerin chamber.

What Is Glycerin?

A gel-like liquid that freezes quicker and stays frozen longer than ice. It's completely safe, non-toxic and typically found in food and sweeteners.

How To Use The Freeze Pipe Bong
  • Place the glycerin chamber in the freezer and let sit for at least 1 hour. It is okay to leave in there for longer
  • Fill the base with enough water so the tip of the downstem is submerged. Roughly 50% of the base should be filled with water
  • Snap on the glycerin chamber via the clip. Big side of the clip on the bottom