Enjoy Listening to Music in the Shower?  Most young people do knowadays!

This normally means setting up a Bose speaker (or something like it) on the bathroom counter-top, playing music from their smartphone.  Normally the music is from an app like Pandora or Spotify...

The problems are though:

A) Muffled sound because it has to go through or around a glass door (or shower curtain)

B) Since the speakers are normally 10 feet away from you, you need to play it decently loud (and sometimes this may bother GF/BFs / roommates)

C) The most dreadful of all, that awful song starts playing leaving you with the tough decision do I GET OUT OF THE SHOWER AND CHANGE THE SONG OR SUFFER THROUGH IT?!

Our solution to these problems is Splash Tunes.  Splash Tunes is a waterproof shower speaker that suctions right to the wall of the shower.  It is really the world's first SMART SPEAKER!  

Not only does it bluetooth sync to your phone (or tablet), but it lets you skip songs right from it (and pause, play and go back).  This solved my problem of suffering through those awful songs that Pandora (love/hate relationship?) picks sometimes.  It even lets me answer calls right from it (YES I will admit to using it for work conference calls). A few of the other nice features are on iPhones, you can use Siri and on Android phones, it will read incoming texts to you.

All this for under $50 isn't a bad price right?  My only piece of advice is buying it from their website as I've heard alot of complaints about knock-offs that barely work, so just buy it from their site so you don't have to worry!