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June & May Aroma Diffuser


Infuse your air with Essential Oils

Using a stream of flowing mist this aroma diffuser will fill your room with any essential oil

Focus on the scents, not the sound, with whisper quiet-operation

Integrated safety shut-off means you can use the aroma diffuser without a worry

Let the sights and smells transport you with calming, color-changing LED lights

The June and May Aroma Diffuser practically exudes relaxation. Give any room in your house the pleasing scent of orange, lavender, eucalyptus, or any other essential oil. The June and May Aroma Diffuser also lights up with color-changing LEDs to help calm your mind, body, and soul.

Crafted in a Moroccan-inspired design, this diffuser fills your space with a lovely aroma. Its whisper-quiet operation and color-changing LED lights invite a calming ambience that soothes the mind and body, making it an essential for bedrooms, living spaces, and studies.

The June & May Aroma Diffuser pairs best with June & May Essential Oils, generating a fragrant mist that envelopes the entire room in pleasing scents and relaxing vibes.

4-Pack of Essential Oils Includes:

  • Orange - for metal relaxation & emotional stability
  • Lavender - for pure sleep & deep rest
  • Eucalyptus - for clean air & fresh thoughts
  • Peppermint - for cleansing focus & emotional energy