Top Three Places to Buy Bluetooth Shower Speakers Online

So you’re in the market for a Bluetooth Speaker? Here’s a helpful guide on where to look before you make your purchase.

The Company’s Site

Buying straight from the company has some advantages like streamlined customer service, supporting a startup instead of the middlemen.

Can’t speak for everyone, but FRESHeTECH also offers free US shipping on EVERYTHING, so that’s a plus.

Also, companies are more likely to give out discount codes on their products, which usually can only be used on their own site. Discount codes like Save10, which gives you 10% off of your entire purchase at FRESHeTECH.

So overall, what’s not to love?

Brick and Mortar

This one’s really more of an honorable mention, but stores like Best Buy, Fry’s, and the like can have their advantages.

Sometimes you get a salesperson who knows what they’re talking about. Sometimes they have floor models to show you to compare features. Sometimes they have a good price.

But other times, you’d just rather stay home and shop in your bathrobe, right?

I mean, you probably buy all your stuff here anyway.

Amazon is great because you can read reviews, compare models, and a lot of times, get free shipping. It may not be quite as good as holding the product in your hand, but it’s pretty close.