Shower Speaker Systems - Picking the best setup for rocking out in the shower

There are a few choices you’ve got when you’re looking for a way to head your music in the shower. I’ll go through these, and show you why I think that our product, the Splash Tunes Pro, is the best option.

Option #1 - The Built-in

Are you redoing your bathroom? You could consider running hard-wired speakers into the wall and building a hook-up, with a minijack cable and charging station on a shelf next to your shower.

Stop laughing, we’ve seen people actually do this. For a DIYer, it’s not a hard process, but it is time consuming and requires a level of preplanning.

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Convenience of plugging your phone in and going
  • CONS:
  • Preplanning
  • What happens when your next phone doesn’t have a headphone jack?
  • Seriously, your considering drilling holes in your wall?

Option #2 - The Shower head/speaker

The sound comes from the same place as the water! What could be better than that?

Many of these are magnetic and will pop in and out of the shower head for USB recharging.

  • I mean, I’ll admit - it’s kind of cool.
  • Price - These can run $100-300 for a mediocre shower head
  • If one part breaks, you have to replace both
  • Why doesn’t the water charge the speaker? They should have made it do that.
  • No control. Most of these units don’t have a way to control the sound.

Option #3 - The Splash Tunes Pro

Okay, get ready, because maybe, just maybe, the best shower speaker system isn’t a system, but the Splash Tunes Pro.

Think about it - it has everything you need

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Large button controls
  • Easy recharging

Splash Tunes Pro is even custom engineered to reverberate off your tile walls turning your shower into Carnegie Hall.

Also, it’ll follow you around, becoming your friend on kayaking adventures, camping, and even a handy Bluetooth car radio.

So really the choice is clear.

What are you waiting for?

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Hope you have more fun in the shower!