Our Best Selling Earbuds - FRESHeBUDS

FRESHeTECH is happy to announce that we now offer a top-of-the-line Bluetooth earbud, FRESHeBUDS!

freshebuds bluetooth earbuds


These bluetooth wireless earbuds last for over 8 hours on 1 charge and quickly recharge through micro-usb in under 90 minutes.  They are lightweight and hang well around your neck.  They are Bluetooth 4.0, so you hear high quality streaming music.  

FRESHeBUDS also allow you to answer calls with their built-in wind canceling microphones.  You can skip songs and raise/lower volume right from the earbuds.  

The most unique part of FRESHeBUDS is the "wings".  These easily hold the earbuds in your ear during running or exercise without the fear of them falling out.  You no longer need the uncomfortable clips that hold headphones in place.

Get your pair of FRESHeBUDS - Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds for only $99.95!

freshebuds - bluetooth wirefree earbuds