Why Smart iReach is Different than Other Selfie Sticks?

When it comes to selfie sticks, they may all look alike at least on the surface. After all, it is just a stick that can help your phone take a picture, right?

Actually, there are differences in selfie sticks and having the right one means that you can do more of what you want and take pictures of you doing it. The Smart iReach represents one of the best sticks on the market today.

What is the Smart iReach?

This is a selfie stick that provides you with the length needed to take a good photo of you and your friends while offering the best combination of control and maneuverability. The lightweight design and easy to use remote system make this one of the best you’ll find on the market today.

When you consider how many selfie sticks are made from cheap materials and do not last nearly as long as they should, having one that is really worth the money like the iReach can be of great benefit. After all, your mind should be on the fun you and your friends are having together and not wondering if the selfie stick is going to work properly or how you can pack it in with the rest of your gear. If you are looking for a good, solid and dependable selfie stick, then the iReach is made for you.

Why Smart iReach is the Selfie Stick for You

There are a number of reasons why the Smart iReach has impressed its customers with its remarkable design. If you like taking selfies, then here are 3 reasons why this one is for you.

Lightweight: The stick itself is crafted from lightweight, yet highly durable materials that make it easy to handle when you are taking that special selfie. The stick itself is crafted from carbon fiber, a very lightweight material that is used in golf clubs and automotive parts because it is more impact resistant than steel.

Folds Up into a Smaller Package: The expert design is such that the Smart iReach will actually fold up into a smaller package than many of its competitors. That can make a difference when it comes to travelling and carrying around other gear. The Smart iReach can fold up small enough to make it easy to carry with you when hiking, going to a sporting event or just to a friend’s house.

Real Bluetooth: The Smart iReach offers real Bluetooth capabilities as opposed to the fake Bluetooth that you might find in many of its rivals. This means that you get a solid connection so that you can take the picture you want, when you want and not have to shake the stick or fumble to get it working right. The remote itself is build into the stick as well for easy control. You’ll have no difficulty taking the photos you like quickly and smoothly with the Smart iReach.

Add to this the stunning packaging and the fact that the Smart iReach is made right here in the USA and you have plenty of reasons to choose this above all other selfie sticks.