Tough Bluetooth Speakers


Tough Bluetooth Speakers

Tough Bluetooth Speakers? Firstly let me say, before joining FRESHeTECH I really couldn’t understand why so many people would need a Bluetooth Speaker, In addition, the prices for these things seemed ridiculous right? It’s just a Bluetooth speaker with a freaking Bluetooth chip and its $100? I honestly thought these things were just stupid. Then I noticed more and more people were asking for Bluetooth speakers because they needed music at the beach. They need music at the camping site, music on the porch, music at the picnic, music at the BBQ…etc. After judging all of these people for spending $100 for a freaking Bluetooth speaker, I was in a situation where I needed one myself. I remember like it was yesterday!:D

It was at Camp Blanding, a military post, out in the field.


It was hot as hel** wet as the ocean and it smelled like gun powder and dead cats.  I was a Field Artillery Sgt in the Florida National Guard. We had been out there for about a week, and we we’re just waiting for our next movement order. One of my soldiers was playing music on his phone in the back of the Humvee and I couldn’t hear it. The crazy thing is that I really wanted to hear the stupid Heavy Metal indie music because you can really get frustrated out in the filed and nothing calms you down more than some music. Regardless of the song or the genre, music really gets your mind off of the “SUCK” that you’re experiencing. Now I was in a hypocritical situation, because I thought Bluetooth Speakers we’re stupid. To my defense I didn’t realized the value of a Bluetooth speaker, prior to this time. Yes I learned a valuable lesson, which was “Don’t judge, seek to understand.”

After 2 long weeks of “THE SUCK” I visited my friends company FRESHeTECH, a Bluetooth waterproof speaker company here in Orlando Florida and I talked to him about Bluetooth speakers. I asked him questions like, Why are you so successful selling these things? He mentioned that his speaker line were more than just Bluetooth speakers.

FRESHeTECH’s speakers were authentic Bluetooth, waterproof, weather resistant, rugged, loud as a Cannon, mobile and perfect for those who are active. Even better, he mentioned that people could answer phone calls from the speaker and it only cost around $50 to $80 depending on the discounts codes. That blew my mind because active people like myself, really could use it with no worries.

Shortly after visiting my friends company, I had another drill (military training weekend) and one of my soldiers showed up with a Bluetooth speaker. I think it was a DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It was cool, but it was nothing compared to FRESHeTECH’s ALL-TERRAIN SOUND.

10801662_10204422091167753_6909549491696431511_n This DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker was ok, because it was cheap but it wasn’t rugged,      water proof, and the battery life wasn’t that great. Needless to say the speaker broke after two months. It got rained on  and it crushed by our gear. The following month I tested out my buddy’s product the ALL-TERRIAN SOUND by  FRESHeTECH.  We had it in the heat, in the mud, through it in our bags along with some heavy gear and it  kept up with  our active operations. One of my fellows SGTs forgot his out in the rain for over 24 hours, the next day he realized it was  out side, connected it and it was fine. All in all I realized that this was a great product and  FRESHeTECH was a great  company, passionate about building great products. Now I’m apart of the company and an owner of a product that i once  thought was stupid, a Bluetooth Speaker! SMH

To learn more about the Military tested ALL-Terrain Sound water proof, Bluetooth Speaker visit and  use the  code: MilitaryTestedB2/116FA for a 15% discount. 

Here are some more details about the product.

  •  Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  •  Fully Charges in 90 minutes via Micro USB
  •  12 hours of continuous playing
  •  Waterproof
  •  Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Tested Ruggedized Durable
  •  Industrial Strength Clip
  •  Control Buttons: Skip, Back, Pause/Play, Answer/End Calls, Volume +, Volume -
  •  Built-in high quality microphone for speaker phone conversations

The package includes: ALL-Terrain Sound®, Detachable Suction Cup, Charging Cord, 3.5mm Auxiliary Cord,  Instruction Manual