Sad to See Brands So Willing to Sell Knockoffs - CultofMac

It is always sad to get emails from customers who bought a knockoff, realize it after there unit brakes (after a week or two) and then reaches out to us.  This weeks upset customer is thanks to Cult of Mac.  Cult of Mac decided it is more important to sell low quality and squeeze money out of their customers then provide a great product. :(

Here is a link to the knockoff -  Note that we aren't afraid to post a link to other shower speakers, especially knockoffs of ours...  All you need to do is search on youtube "shower speaker" or "shower speaker knockoffs" to see videos with real customers using both and the knockoffs always disappoint.  

I used to think Cult of Mac was a high-end news outlet but it looks like somewhere along the way, they lost their morals and vision.  Isn't that sad?  I guess the one thing that is positive about this all is that they now have one less unhappy customer...and we have gained one more fan of the original shower speaker - Splash Shower Tunes!

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