Splash Tunes Pro - The Perfect Shower Speaker Video

Splash Tunes Pro by FRESHeTECH - The Perfect Shower Speaker

Hey Fellow Shower User,
We wanted to tell you about Splash Tunes Pro, the best Bluetooth shower speaker on the market. We launched our original shower speaker, Splash Shower Tunes, about 2 years ago. Since then, the shower speaker market has tried to copy us but has failed so far!

We asked our customers what we could improve on with the Splash Tunes Pro and got a lot of feedback (I mean hundreds of customers' emails). The feedback helped us create what we believe is the perfect shower speaker!

Splash Tunes Pro Features:
- 4x The battery of our previous version of the shower speaker
- way Way WAAAYYY Louder than out previous shower speaker
- Bluetooth 4.0 (find another shower speaker that has one else does)
- Really REALLY strong suction cup
- IPX 5 Water-Resistant design allows it to live comfortably in the shower
- Again, the battery is so big you may charge it once every 2 months (and if you don't shower a lot... even less often)

Lets sum up the conversation with this, we care about our customers and want you to be lifelong fans! We work hard to earn that respect!