Differences Between Splash Tunes and Splash Tunes Pro

If you have stumbled onto FRESHeTECH's shower speakers, you may be wondering what the big differences are between Splash Tunes (our original shower speaker) and Splash Tunes Pro (our brand new 2015 version).  When designing Splash Tunes Pro by FRESHeTECH, we made sure to focus on each part of Splash Tunes and see how to improve it.


The Pro version has been designed to have easier to use buttons, be more waterproof and a better suction cup.  The buttons are big, easy to press and there are now volume -+ buttons.  The suction cup is designed to hold 4x the weight of the old suction cup.  The new design makes it more waterproof and float.


We took what we learned from Splash Shower Tunes and perfected on it!  The battery is 3x the size.  The speaker is way better quality.  The speaker is Bluetooth 4.0 compared to our old one (which is 3.0).


Splash Tunes Pro is designed to be the best experience from when you receive the package in the mail (beautiful packaging) to the 1,000th time you use our shower speaker.