A Consumers Comparison of Splash Tunes VS. Splash Tunes Pro

We received an email from a customer who just upgraded to the Splash Tunes Pro and thought it was worth sharing!



I wanted to thank you for the amazing Christmas gift for my 2 nieces.  I originally bought Splash Shower Tunes about 6 months ago.  I love mine!  I then saw your new one and bought 3 of the improved shower speakers.  I bought 1 shower speaker for me and 2 for my nieces.  The Pro version came in and has been amazing.  I used my old one everyday but I can't express how amazing the new one is!!!!!  I seriously wanted to thank you and let you know I will recommend it to my friends!  Best of luck and I look forward to version 3 of your shower speaker!




Thanks for the kind words Rebecca!  We love impacting people's lives and hope Splash Tunes Pro can impact thousands of other people!

Splash Tunes Pro - The Perfect Shower Speaker!