Splash Tunes Pro (Shower Speaker) at CES

FRESHeTECH is happy to announce Splash Tunes Pro at CES 2015. We decided to announce Splash Tunes Pro right before Christmas as an opportunity to get product into thousands of customer’s hands quickly. After seeing the competition at CES, we are confident that Splash Tunes Pro is the best shower speaker on the market!

            After seeing the CES show, little innovation occurred in the shower speaker market outside of our shower speaker. Most of the speakers we saw were designed over 2+ years ago. They still use Bluetooth 3.0 or 2.0 (ours uses 4.0) and all had batteries under 400 MaH; our speaker has a battery of 1200 MaH (3x the next best).

            We focus on experience, not specs. We ask our customers abou each product we release to better understand what worked, what didn’t and for new ideas. Good examples of customer feedback our original shower speaker received (and we improved on in Splash Tunes Pro) are increasing the bass, sound quality, adding volume buttons, limiting the low battery alerts, making it easier to pair to, making it more durable and making the suction cup stronger.