Splash Tunes (Shower Speaker) by FRESHeTECH No Longer On Amazon

Hey Astronauts!  

We wanted to let everyone know that Splash Tunes and Splash Tunes Pro will no longer be listed on  After thinking hard, we came to the conclusion that it is not a good place to be selling our top rated shower speakers.  Too many customers were going to planning to buy our Splash Tunes and ended up with a knockoff.  Sadly those people had shower speakers that barely worked, sounded awful and the battery lasted shortly.  

Our brand - Splash Tunes - is about quality and experience.  Too many customers were inquiring about issues with their shower speaker that turned out to have issues.  We now are focusing our efforts on our website to continue to drive traffic and sales direct to the consumers.  And selling direct to the consumers allows us to offer higher quality products with a higher level of customer service.

We have just relaunched our international shipping system.  At Christmas, we had too many sales to handle and paused international sales of our shower speakers because USPS international shipping couldn't guarentee delivery by Christmas.

Are you ready for an exciting 2015?!?  We have some exciting changes and improvements coming out soon!  Keep an eye out for some exciting press on Splash Tunes Pro!