FRESHeTECH polled our customers to learn some interesting statistics about what people do when they shower and about their music listening in the bathroom.


What Gender Listens to Music in the Shower:

63% of Females listen to music in the shower

52% of Males listen to music in the shower


What Type of Music is Most Popular to Listen to in the Shower:

1 – Pop

2 – Hip Hop

3 – Country


Avg. Time Getting Ready in the Bathroom in the Morning Before Work:

36 Minutes for Females

25 Minutes for Males


When Listening to Music in the Shower, Do You Sing:

54% of Females Say Yes

62% of Males Say Yes (This was a surprise to us)


What Do You Use to Listen to Music in the Bathroom:

1 – Spotify

2 – Pandora

3 – iHeartRadio

4 – Sirius XM

5 - iTunes


***These numbers are simply for fun and don’t provide any statistical evidence***