Why Are Splash Tunes Pros Not Available Anywhere Online?

      When we decided to improve Splash Tunes, the best selling shower speaker in the USA, we had a tough decision. Do we design it a little better to make sure we can still make money selling through wholesale or do we put the best possible parts in Splash Tunes Pro to make it truly (BY FAR) the best shower speaker on the market? We decided to not worry about our costs and simply said, lets put the best pieces we can in Splash Tunes Pro.

      With that said, to be able to make money, we need to sell these direct to consumers. With this strategy, we can offer better quality at the most available rate ever.

      The FRESHeTECH team is looking forward to seeing reviews and feedback of the new speaker pour in from our customers. Our customers have been impressed with Splash Tunes by FRESHeTECH, so we can just imagine the reaction we will hear.

      The best place to buy Splash Tunes Pro is –