Designing Splash Shower Tunes 2.0

We have been working hard thinking up ideas for Splash Shower Tunes 2.0.  Our goal is to have it ready by Christmas 2014 (so all of you can give your current ones away as gifts when you upgrade to the new one ;).  We have been asking all of you what features would make the ideal shower speaker.  What features should we add or change that will improve the experience you have?


So far, some ideas we have heard are:

-       Make the plug cover thicker

-       Add more bass to the waterproof speaker

-       Use Bluetooth 4.0 to increase streaming speed and quality

-       Make the buttons easier to see (mainly for people wearing glasses)

-       Change the charging plug to microUSB (We already did this on the current version)


We are proud to say that our shower speaker has been rated the top waterproof speaker by numerous websites and has over 800 online reviews, the majority of them 5/5 stars.  With that said, we know that settling is how you become irrelevant and that is the last thing we want!  Who better to find out what we can to improve your shower than asking you?!?  Please email us at with your thoughts on what to add/change on our future version of Splash Shower Tunes 2.0. 


Please note through, developing a new product is a timely process that requires a lot of work and long hours.  We will keep you updated on our progress but we don’t recommend waiting on a future version, as it is likely months away.  Get yours today and join our mailing list to get great discount offers!