Splash Shower Tunes by FRESHeTECH on The Today Show

Check out the clip below of Kathie Lee and Hoda from The Today Show talking about Splash Shower Tunes®!



We are excited and proud to have been featured on the Today Show as a Must-Have for the Spring Season.  Please help us continue to grow and produce amazing products by sharing the video with your friends! 


There is nothing more gratifying than when our fans publicly love on our products. Because of the strong support of loyal fans like you, Splash Shower Tunes has quickly become a recognizable best seller. With over 800 reviews throughout the internet, 60,000 sold and national media outlets raving about about how great the product is (People StyleWatch, The Today Show, Mashable, Real Simple, PC Mag, and Mental Floss), Splash Shower Tunes continues to satisfy our growing customer base!