VIDEO: FRESHeTECH's Original Splash Shower Tunes VS. Fake (knock-off)

The world has seen our mission and our success and has decided to push out subpar replicas to benefit from our hard work.   No worries, they will never match our quality, passion, or brand.  


Here is a simple walk-through to make sure you don't purchase a fake and are unhappy with the quality of the product.

Typical problems with fakes/knock-offs:

  1. Bad battery life (A real Splash Shower Tunes should last 8-10 hours of continuous play)
  2. Speaker is too low 
  3. Cheap packaging 
  4. Bad instructions 
  5. Thin suction cup
  6. Different build material 
  7. Off colors. 

Purchased a replica: Email us here at



  1. Identifying a Fake vs. Original Splash Shower Tunes by FRESHeTECH