Splash Shower Tunes Instructions and User Manual

FRESHeTECH recently launched our newest shower speaker, Splash Tunes Pro!  Get yours for only $39.95!  Better sound quality, longer battery life, unified volume controls!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker



1. Turn on your mobile phone and activate Troubleshooting
the Bluetooth function.
2. Search for Bluetooth devices. BTS-06 or ShowerTunes will show up.
3. Pair your device with BTS-06.  

Once this speaker is paired and connected to your mobile phone, next time when you switch on this speaker, it will connect to your mobile phone automatically as long as the Bluetooth in your mobile phone is on.

Button description
On/Off: To switch on or off the unit.
Short press for the previous song, long press for  turning down the volume.
Short press for the next song, long press for  turning up  the volume.
Phone: To pick up or hang up a phone call
Play/Pause the music.

Notes & tips:
You can press Phone button twice quickly to redial the last phone call.
SPlash Shower Tunes Instructions