What to Do If You Bought a Fake Splash Shower Tunes

I wanted to give some advice on steps to take if you purchased a fake and want to replace it with an authentic Splash Shower Tunes.

  • Step 1 – Identify you have a fake Splash Shower Tunes -
    • Look at our previous post on simple ways to identify your Splash Shower Tunes’ authenticity - Email us with the information about where and when you bought it at Info@FRESHeTECH.com and we will help you with this step
  • Step 2 – Contact the market you bought it from -
    • Reach out to the customer service of the site/store you purchased the product from and let them know you received a fake Splash Shower Tunes and are looking for a refund.
  • Step 3 – Email us letting us know what happened -
    • Email us with what happened. We care about our customers and always want to work our hardest to get an authentic version in our customers’ hands. This may even mean a small discount ;)
  • Step 4 (If Necessary) – Getting your money back for the fake -
    • We always suggest talking with customer service of stores and websites, but if that doesn’t work you can always file a dispute with your credit card company (or PayPal) that you received a fake product.
  • Step 5 – Help Out Our Fellow Fans -
    • We always ask for your help with spreading the word about our great products! We are a small start-up and every fan counts. With that said, it is always helpful to post about your experiences with us, Splash Shower Tunes and identifying the best places to avoid buying fakes.

Thanks again for being a fan! Stay tuned for some great new products that will be out on the market soon. Thanks, Adam from FRESHeTECH

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Friends don't let friends buy fakes!